When the seemingly eternal Arctic summer finally comes to its end, nature in the high north treats us with a short and intense autumn. Long sunrises and sunsets and low sun levels create a beautiful, soft light all day long. The first powder snow falls on the sharp peaks. And we are here, exploring Svalbard on a photographic expedition, just before it dives into a long and dark winter sleep. 


Tour dates

13 – 24 September 2023


Group Size

12 people



Easy to moderate, comfortable, cold!



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Day 1
Departure: flight to Longyearbyen, where we check in to the hotel. Being present one day before the departure of the ship is highly recommended, to avoid trouble with cancelled flights or delays. The extra day gives you a great opportunity to experience daily life in the high Arctic.

Day 2 – 9
We embark the MS Kinfish, which will be our home for the next 8 days. You will explore one of the worlds wildest and most beautiful areas, making daily landings and discovering Arctic wildlife. This is an expedition, so ultimately our route will be determined by wind, weather, ice and the presence of wildlife. Patience and flexibility are key for the ultimate Svalbard experience!

Day 10
After breakfast, we check out of the ship at 9 AM.

Great Conditions

Due to its inaccessibility, the nature in Svalbard has remained pristine, and the fauna is unique. The archipelago exerts a great attraction on explorers. That’s why we stay away from large groups and charter a small ship to explore the wilderness of the islands. It’s as close to the North Pole as many of us will ever get, and an experience that will leave you speechless.

During autumn, the migratory birds prepare for their flight southwards, and the animals and plants get ready for winter on the tundra. Autumn is very short here, and the landscape changes quickly. The Midnight Sun is over, and the evenings get darker. A beautiful, low sun colours the landscapes golden.

We explore the waters around Svalbard with an ice-strengthened ship and discover the autumn colours on land and from the ship or zodiac. The ideal combination for  landscape and wildlife photographers alike, as we also get up close to the arctic animals to photograph them in this beautiful scenery.

Wild Nature

Svalbard is without a doubt one of the purest and wildest places in Europe. Remote, yet easy to reach, you set foot on the archipelago after flying across the Barents Sea. Usually departing from Oslo or Tromsö, you can already admire the snow-covered peaks, glaciers and frozen fjords from the air. Visiting the islands in September allows you to capture the beautifully coloured tundra and unspoiled wildlife in the golden autumn light.

The waters surrounding Svalbard are our playground. After we lift our anchor and get the engine running, the itinerary depends on nature and climate. The presence of wildlife, the weather and the ice conditions are unpredictable, so patience and flexibility are key to a successful expedition!

Small group, great adventure

The MS Kinfish is the perfect vessel for Arctic photo-expeditions: strongly built, spacious inside and ideally sized outside, equipped to move us around quickly in harsh conditions. The open deck gives us plenty of space to shoot from the ship.

Aboard the MS Kinfish, an excellent team is ready to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, 24/7. We have an open bridge policy most of the time, so feel free to come and sail with us. You’ll experience firsthand what it feels like to explore the Arctic waters.

We use two strong, very large Zodiacs for our sea or fjord excursions and landings, so everybody gets plenty of space for their cameras and lenses. Because we are a small group, we remain flexible and adjust our planning to the best light conditions and wildlife sightings.

Unique wildlife

Svalbard boasts some spectacular species, some of which you can’t photograph anywhere better than here! Think polar bears, arctic foxes, walruses, reindeers, Svalbard ptarmigans, the enigmatic ivory gulls and many, many more.

Most of these animals show little fear for humans and can be photographed from up close, always in a stunning white or autumn landscape.


Everyone is welcome on this photo tour, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Taking pictures is not a prerequisite, as long as you love adventure and have a lot of patience. As for the photographic equipment: any kind of lens will get you good results here. We will provide you with lots of tips and details after booking.

We base our planning on the best photo opportunities on deck, aboard the Zodiac or on land. Count on me to answer any questions, inspire you to try out new techniques and point out fresh perspectives. Come and explore!

Climate, clothing and gear

Warm and waterproof clothes are essential on this trip, as we will be outside for many hours. You will receive a thorough briefing about how to dress warm and what kind of clothes to bring. In September, temperatures start to drop back below 0°C, averaging between 1°C and -3°C. A low sun, fog, clouds and rain are typical this time of year. Some of the ice has melted during summer, so parts of the archipelago are more easily accessible. Wether we reach the pack-ice will depend on how far it is situated, but this is of course also one of our goals.

Aboard the ship, you can escape to the warm lounge where hot drinks are available around the clock. Protecting your camera equipment from the cold is important. We will be happy to show you how we keep our gear up and running in harsh conditions.

Experienced guides

One of the keys to success on our Svalbard expeditions are the guides. This trip is lead by Oscar Westman from Sweden and myself. We both have extensive experience, having undertaken many photo-expeditions in the polar regions. We are qualified to navigate Zodiacs in difficult conditions and know where to position the boats to get the best light, angle, background and distance.

With two professional guides, count on maximum flexibility both in the Zodiacs and on land. And with two rubber boats, count on more space for you and your equipment!




Professional guidance, all meals and nights aboard the MS Kinfish, hot drinks, daily landings and excursions by Zodiac, lectures onboard and ashore, booking fees.


Flights to and from Longyearbyen, hotels in Longyearbyen before and after the boat trip, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, cancellation insurance, travel insurance (make sure it covers Arctic regions such as Svalbard!), purchases of a personal nature, gratuities.



They joined me on my last phototour and it was lots of fun ! Thank you to them for their trust.
  • I certainly recommend a trip with Yves. He’s not only an excellent photographer but also an excellent tour guide. He’s very social, speaks a lot of languages and is very pragmatic and hands-on. He takes care of his people during the entire trip.
    Carl Verstraelen, Belgium

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